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Veterans Day 11/11/2019

Veterans Day 2020

Thank You For Serving

This Veterans Day TeamVetCV & all of our Patriot Partners want to thank you for your service.

Show your thanks to those who serve, our Veterans, and the families who serve with them this Veterans Day. On behalf of Team VetCV, thank you for allowing us to serve you. 

Check Out The Newest Version of VetCVV2.0

We have been working hard over the last 18 months on the New Version 2.0 of the VetCV Vault App and are happy to report it’s launch in time for Veterans Day!

With this new version, we will be able to add and enhance Vault features much faster than before. You’ll see that we have 86’d features we initially thought were really cool but found that nobody ever used them so out they went.

There are a couple of features from the previous version we will be pushing up after this release though, we ran out of runway to hit our Veterans Day deadline. So stand by for those to be going live too, we’ll keep you posted!

Please keep your ideas coming as we continue our mission to support your needs.

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4 Things You Need to Know About Your DD-214

The DD Form 214, often referred to as DD-214, is one of the most important documents a Veteran receives throughout his or her time in the armed services. Here are four important things you should know about your DD-214.

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The DD214: The Most Important Document of Your Life

When you’re discharged from the service, you’re issued a document that is almost as important as the air you breath. The DD Form 214, commonly called the DD214 and sometimes the Report of Separation, is generally required for veterans to receive benefits, reenlist, get a VA loan, join veterans’ organizations and much, much more.

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