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Time to STEP-UP, Again, to Serve


Your Country Needs YOU… Again!

As Veterans, it’s time to Step-Up once again to ‘serve our country’… and to help ‘bring back our country’ from the pandemic bruising put upon us. This time The Mission, YOUR MISSON (should you choose to accept it), is to help ‘repair the damage’ sustained to our American spirit and reputation as the Land of Opportunity you’ve served to preserve!

Support the American businesses that serve us when we go out, sell us the things we need every day, and make the products we buy. Your country needs you to help reopen/keep-the-doors-open, as well as keep the economy clicking! The opportunities are endless! Can you serve patrons or train those in need? Can you sell or service what’s desired? Can you construct, assemble or provide transportation for what’s required? Will you??

VetCV Uncle Sam

THIS IS where, as VETERANS, WE COME IN. WE GO… to work, to help, to restore and repair! We’ve got what it takes to help our country get back on its feet! Whether you opt work part-time, or just for a short timeIT’S TIME!  And IT’S IMPORTANT!

THIS IS what AMERICAN PATRIOTS DO! Continue your calling to help those in need. Our US businesses need “Boots on the Ground” reinforcements NOW

Join Us in This Challenge

This is your opportunity to lend a learned hand and/or try something NEW.  It’s up to you! Challenge yourself, just have fun, or dare to do what you’ve never done before. Now’s the time! Familiar fare or completely different terrain, You’re An ASSET, either way, with plenty of skill, talent and ability. Don’t let it go to waste. It’s never too late to expand your horizons!

STEP-UP, One-More-Time-To-Serve, This Time to Help Get Our Economy Back on Track

You’ll be their HERO! Fortifying the American workforce will not only protect our economy, which has grown from the hard work and aspirations that the very freedoms you’ve honored and served to preserve have allowed and encouraged, but its preservation ALSO serves to honor those who served to protect it.

Now is also a great time for Transitioning Service Members to take advantage of the high workforce demand. Check out the VetCV jobs posted by our Patriot Employers, find a job on online job boards, or apply wherever you see a Help Wanted sign.

We at VetCV thank you for trusting us to continue to do our part in supporting our Nation’s active military, Veterans, and their families.

If your organization is hiring – Post your Jobs on VetCV. Email or call us at, 850.441.2008 – We’ll help get the word out!

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VetCV Patriot Partners

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VetCV Patriot Partners

VetCV Patriot Partners

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