U.S. Companies Need Great Employees and Are Looking to Hire Veterans. Your Job Search Starts Here

American Patriots are called to serve their country by joining or re-joining the U.S. Workforce.

The American Economy Needs YOU
to Get a Great Job at a Great Company

It’s no secret that some economic difficulties are likely ahead of us. Some might complain while others will be angry, but TeamVetCV will continue to tackle the issue head-on. We believe that you, the Veteran Community, are the American Workforce’s greatest resource. Every industry, company, and public service needs workers like you.

Employers Want to Hire Veterans,
It’s as Simple as That

Part of what makes Veterans great employees is their drive for constant improvement and the ability to self-motivate. A natural aversion to complacency is an integral part of Military and Veteran culture. TeamVetCV knows this because we’re Veterans ourselves. Ask any employer and they’ll tell you that many of their best employees are Veterans—and that they’re looking to hire more. So if you’re looking for work or feel like your skills and potential are being underutilized, now is the time to explore new work opportunities.

Trained to Be Trainable

We encourage you to challenge yourself and be curious. Learn something new. Expand your horizons. At VetCV, we work to educate employers on the benefits of hiring Veterans and they’ve listened. Our mantra has always been that Veterans are trained to be trainable. Employers know this, so there’s no such thing as ‘not enough experience,’ and it’s never too late to start something new.

VetCV Uncle Sam wants you to take a job with a small to midsize U.S. company.

There’s Work to Be Done. You Are the Best and Brightest America Has to Offer. Can We Count on You to Get Us Back on Track?

VetCV is made for: Active Military, Veterans, All Ranks, Families, You.

We at VetCV thank you for trusting us to continue to do our part in supporting our Nation’s active military, Veterans, and their families.

If your organization is hiring – Post your Jobs on VetCV. Email or call us at teamvetcv@vetcv.com, 850.441.2008 – We’ll help get the word out!

Don’t have a your own VetCV account yet? Start by logging into your VetCV Vault, creating a new account, or email us at teamvetcv@vetcv.com.

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