Questions to Ask in an Interview

What Questions to Ask in an Interview

An interview is not just for the employer, but also for the candidate to get to know the organization in more detail. In our latest blog post, Most Common Job Interview Questions, we covered what questions you will be receiving, so let’s dive deeper into what questions to ask in an interview.

These are the five best questions to ask in an interview:

1. What does a typical day look like in this position?

This is a good introductory question to get a broad overview of what your daily tasks will be. You’re trying to get a sense of how much of your work is routine or time-sensitive, what or who you will be responsible for, how much is in-office or out-of-office, and anything else that may be required of you.

2. Is there an introductory period and how often will I be evaluated?

Always include this in your list of questions to ask in an interview for several reasons. Introductory periods can affect when your benefits start, when you can use or accrue vacation or sick time, and if you can expect a salary increase after this period of time. Evaluations are important to know so you can strive to hit certain goals before an evaluation takes place. Just like introductory periods, evaluations may affect salary increases so don’t be afraid to ask about that as well.

3. Are there any growth or learning opportunities?

A company loves to hear that you are interested in working with them long-term. Depending on what you’re most interested in or what you know about the company, one of the questions to ask in an interview could be “Are there any specific growth opportunities with your company if I perform well?” This could include a management role, promotions, or other training opportunities.

4. What are the future goals of the company?

If this is a new position, that is a good sign the company is growing and if this is an open position, it’s good to ask this question to see how you will be helping them accomplish their goals. Understanding their five-year or ten-year plan will help you see the company from an overall perspective.

5. Who are your direct competitors and what challenges do you face?

Unlike the other questions to ask in an interview, this one will help you get a sense of how the company is positioning itself. The company you are interviewing with has a unique value proposition (product or service) that sets them apart from their competition. Listen to the response fully so you can understand the market or industry they are in and what obstacles they face so you can overcome them when you are hired.

If anything was unclear to you during the interview, you can always ask for them to clarify so you aren’t left wondering later. Asking one of these questions shows that you prepared for the interview and are genuinely interested in the position. Now that you have mastered the interview, check out our blog post, VetCV’s Top 10 Companies that Hire Veterans, to start applying today!


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