How to Add your VetCV Vault to your Home Screen

Nowadays we do everything on our phones – from texting to job hunting. If you’re like most people, you have your favorite mobile apps right in front of you on the home page of your phone. Now you’re able to have your VetCV Vault just like any other app on your phone. And you won’t even need to search for it on Apple Store. Here’s how you to do it:

1. Access your VetCV Vault in your Browser

Go to your browser and access your VetCV Vault. You can either go to and click the login button or go directly to your Vault at Click on the small share icon at the bottom. Check the image below:

how to share your VetCV Vault image


2. Add it to your Home Screen

That’s a quick hack that most people don’t pay attention to! You can add your VetCV Vault to your home screen by clicking the Add to Home Screen button. Here it is:

how to add your VetCV vault to the home page image


3. Almost there: just one more button

At this point, you’re pretty much set up! You just need to click the Add button on the top right. Also, you can edit the text to show up however you want. Here it is:

How to find the add button to add the VetCV Vault to your phone

4. You’re done!

See? I told you it was quick and easy! It probably took you less than 20 seconds right? Now your VetCV Vault is just like any other apps on your phone.



You can click here to access your vault and start doing it! That way, you can use your VetCV Vault from anywhere at any time. You can easily search for jobs, locate resources near you, build your resume, and much more. All in the palm of your hand. If you don’t have a VetCV account yet, click here to create one.

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