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Top Military-Friendly Universities

Over the years, several active-duty and military veteran students have been focusing on getting a degree either during or after their time in the military. In fact, the U.S government offers different educational benefits for military veterans and their families. The G.I Bill, for example, is a popular educational benefit in the military community. What most veterans don’t know is that it’s extremely important to look for military-friendly universities in order to experience a smoother transition.

Public universities are known for being less expensive and more diverse institutions. Military Friendly® conducted a research on the 2018 top military-friendly public universities in the United States. Institutions were evaluated on public data, specific surveys, and student data.


Keep reading to see the top 10 public military-friendly universities for veterans:

Top 10 Public Military-Friendly Universities

10. California State University, San Bernardino

Location: San Bernardino, California

Total enrollment: 20,767

In-state Tuition and Fees (2017 – 2018): $6,871

Out-of-State Tuition and fees: $18,751

9. Appalachian State University

Location: Boone, North Carolina

Total enrollment: 18,295

In-state Tuition and Fees: $7,303

Out-of-state Tuition and Fees: $22,110

8. Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Whiteville

Location: Whiteville, Tennessee

Total enrollment: 259

Tuition and fees (2017-2018): starting at $234/credit hour

7. Palm Beach State College

Location: Palm Beach, Florida

Total enrollment: 49,030

In-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $122.85/credit hour

Out-of-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $558.00/hour

6. The City College of New York

Location: New York, New York

Total enrollment: 13,508

In-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $6,940

Out-of-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $17,810

5. University of West Florida

Location: Pensacola, Florida

Total enrollment: 12,915

In-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $211.98/credit hour

Out-of-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $641.37/credit hour

4. Vincennes University

Location: Vincennes, Indiana

Total enrollment: 4,416

In-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $5,122

Out-of-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $12,731

3.Eastern Michigan University

Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan

Total enrollment: 21,105

In-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $13,438

Out-of-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $30,619

2. Buffalo State College

Location: Buffalo, New York

Total enrollment: 9,475

In-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $7,976

Out-of-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $17,626

1. CUNY College of Staten Island

Location: Staten Island, New York

Total enrollment: 13,775

In-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $7,089

Out-of-state Tuition and fees (2017 – 2018): $17,959


Check private institutions, community colleges, graduate schools, etc. 


Usually, military-friendly universities give a high importance to its Military Veteran Resource Center. So, when doing your research, make sure to pay attention if the school’s MVRC is organized, well-structured, and helpful with your questions and concerns. In summary, a quick research about military friendly universities might be the difference between a good and a bad college experience for veterans and active-duty.

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