15 Companies that are Offering Military Discounts in 2018

Companies love to give discounts to active-duty military and Veterans. It’s good for business and good for the soul. We’re used to seeing offers from apparel companies, like Columbia and Sperry (both offer 15% off), but did you know that both Ford and General Motors give special treatment to military personnel looking to buy a car? Then after you purchase that shiny new vehicle and are looking to hit the travel trail, always check for military specials.

SeaWorld gives free entry to military and Vets at their San Diego theme park and numerous other travel-related companies give discounts on tickets too, such as, Knotts Berry Farms, Kings Dominion and Medieval Times, just to name a few. When you book travel, always ask for the military special. In fact, Hotwire, gives $10 bucks off hotel bookings. Plus resort chains like Caesar’s Palace, Wyndham Resorts and the PALMS, are military friendly.

You can also save big on NFL Game Pass. They offer 25% discounts on subscriptions. And the NFL Shop gives 10% off on purchases. Hockey freaks can get a whopping 35% discount when they subscribe to NHL.TV.

Yeti (20% off) Tervis (15% off) and Orvis (10% off) all want to entice Veterans into the great outdoors with discounts. Or if you’re more of a stay-inside computer geek, both Dell and Lenovo offer 10% off.

Big box stores Sam’s Club and Costco give out freebies too. With a new membership Sam’s offers a $25 gift card while Costco gives $50 in discount coupons.

Here is a list of some other companies that offer military discounts:


  • Your Mechanic: Your Mechanic offers 20% Off to military!
  • Harley-Davidson: Harley-Davidson offers free riding classes in addition to military discounts!
  • Enterprise: Enterprise offers car sales offers in November!
  • Nissan: Nissan offers military programs!
  • Firestone: Firestone offers veterans day discounts!
  • KIA: KIA offers military specialty incentive program!
  • Ford: Ford provides $500 bonus cash offer to military!


  • Hertz: Hertz offers discount on car rentals!
  • American Airlines: American Airlines offers military deals on baggage!
  • Disney: Disney World Resorts offer military discounted rates!
  • MSC Cruises: MSC offers up to 10% off to military personnel!

Cellular and Wireless

  • Boost Mobile: Boost offers a unique military deployed program!
  • AT&T: AT&T offers unlimited Data Plans + Save Up to 15% with AT&T!
  • Verizon: Verizon provides saving programs to Active Duty and Military!
  • Sprint: Sprint offers different military discounts!


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