How a Government Shutdown Impacts Veterans and Active-Duty

Even though the government shutdown has been averted, it really has just been postponed until February 8. On that date (or hopefully before), our elected officials will need to vote to fund the government to avoid another shutdown. If they can’t agree and we experience another shutdown, here’s how it will affect active duty military and veterans.

Active Duty

Even though active-duty personnel are required to attend work during the shutdown, they will not receive a paycheck. Congress would need to pass separate legislation to solve this issue.

Pay & GI Bill Benefits

Fortunately, VA disability pay and the GI Bill are both funded through different legislation so those checks are not likely to suffer from the shutdown.

Military Personnel Killed in Action

Tragically, if a service member is killed during the government shutdown, his or her family would not receive the Pentagon’s $100,000 death gratuity.

Relocation and Travel

According to the Defense Department, any permanent change of station or troops preparing for temporary travel are on hold until after the shutdown.

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