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2020 is Thankfully Behind Us, Let’s Crush 2021!

VetCV Happy New Year 2021

Good Riddance to 2020! Now Let’s Take On 2021.

Good riddance, 2020 is behind us, the election is over, and now we “Adapt and Overcome” as we make 2021 a year of new prosperity for our friends, family, and America. We could all benefit from “Calm Seas and Fair Winds” for a few minutes, then Let’s Crush 2021!

This year VetCV we will continue to add new Vault App features asked for by members. We are working on the next two Vault modules in our development que for the first half of ’21. They are My Health and My Pets.

  • My Health: This feature will begin with being able to track your meds and immunizations. Additional My Healt pieces will be rolled out as they are built and tested.
  • My Pets: We are pretty excited about the My Pets module too. Probably because we know how important they are to so many of us. You’ll be able to quickly create a profile for all your pet family members, even track important information about them. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Our really big push for 2021 will also be on helping the VetCV community find “Great Jobs with Great Employers.” In addition to getting more employers to join as Top Patriot Employer Partners, we will be adding more vetted teaming Partners who offer a variety of services and resources you can use as search, interview, and secure your next job. If you know someone who’s hiring we’d love the referral, please send them our way.

Get Ready Now

Because we believe COVID will be under control as we approach summer (hopefully sooner), the economy will roar back! Therefore, employers will need outstanding talent like you, and we will be signing “Happy Days Are Here Again” before summer. Now is the time to make sure you are ready by having your Resume up to date and converted to “Civilian Speak.” The VetCV Vault helps you build your resume quickly and easily with the Resume Builder feature. Of course we also have links to Teaming Partners that help Veterans on a daily basis navigate your transition. 

If you have any ideas, interesting stories, or news your VetCV brothers and sisters can benefit from, let us know and we’ll get on it. Good riddance to 2020, let’s get going and take on 2021!

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