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Season Greetings & Giving!

VetCV Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from your VetCV team! 2020 has been quite a year for most of us

Giving someone a gift is truly rewarding and this year especially, might just be one of only a few things you can completely control and genuinely feel good about.

During the holidays there are many ways to help Active Duty service members, our Veterans, and their families through what sometimes can be difficult times. You can help by giving a little of your time, donate unopened new toys, simply giving a little cash to a worthy cause, or even just encourage someone to add a bit more fitness to their daily routine or share with them a few ideas on better nutrition. Here are a few ways you can make a difference this holiday season.

  • Help specific groups of veterans, such as disabled or injured veterans, homeless veterans, or veterans in need of employment
  • Health and Wellness ideas. Proper specific nutrition has been know to help PTSD and substance abuse. Check out the Wellness and Fitness section of the VetCV App to learn more
  • Contact local Veterans nonprofits or hospitals. Often there are Veterans who have no family or friends around and keep them company during the holidays. Most of these centers raise donations or can help by volunteering your time.
  • Donate your used car. Remember your first duty station? Having a car was liberating!
  • Pick up the phone, call local veteran organizations like the American Legion and ask how to help this holiday season.
  • Tell someone about VetCV and our mission to always support the needs of our member community.

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