VetCV Teams up with the University of West Florida College of Business

UWF Uses VetCV in Marketing Research Course

Pensacola, FL: VetCV is working with the University of West Florida’s (UWF) College of Business to code and statistically analyze content of its promotional messaging. VetCV will supply faculty and students with historical and real-time data from its marketing campaigns, including advertising analytics, social media buzz, and detailed descriptions of the promotional material so they can be content analyzed.

When conducting a content analysis, researchers identify and code different aspects of a stimulus, so it can be studied using traditional research methods, such as statistics. VetCV can then fine-tune their messaging based on analysis and resulting recommendations in an effort to better communicate to current and future customers understand how VetCV can help them. UWF Students will benefit from seeing how a startup company markets itself online and learn how statistical data analysis is used in a real-world scenario.

Dr. Sherry Hartnett, Director, Executive Mentor Program and Clinical Professor of Business, and Dr. James Mead, Assistant Professor, from the Marketing, Supply Chain Logistics, and Economics Department at UWF are leading the initiative on this collaboration. Their expertise and experience will allow students to analyze all the data to understand what messaging is working and obtain valuable insights into human emotions, motivations, and more.

“We’re pleased to lead UWF’s current marketing collaboration with VetCV. Mutually beneficial, this association will provide VetCV a fresh, analytical look at their marketing initiative,” said Dr. Sherry Hartnett. “Moreover,” she adds, “this relationship lends itself to helping students apply the theories they are learning in class to real life. I know how important it is for recent graduates to show a potential employer that they have relevant experience in order to acquire jobs in their field and ultimately be successful in their careers.”

“We are excited to work with VetCV. I believe this partnership has the potential to offer our students a high-impact opportunity to explore the theory and practice of marketing with a dynamic member of Pensacola’s business community. Additionally, the results of this collaboration may help UWF’s faculty researchers advance the frontiers of marketing knowledge,” said Dr. James Mead.

“This partnership comes at a great time for us as we have just opened up the opportunity for employers looking to hire Veterans to post jobs on the VetCV platform. Not only will our VetCV team learn, but we will also share these insights with our customers as they learn how to market to a military and Veteran customer base as part of their mission to support Veterans and their families. Understanding what a very diverse audience of real people care about is a challenge and with this partnership, we have the opportunity to implement students “art and science” recommendations quickly,” said Niels Andersen, Founder and CEO of VetCV.

Learn more about VetCV’s initiatives to help Veterans and their families by visiting

About VetCV: VetCV is a platform, not a website. We adhere to a “One Team, One Fight” attitude treating personal information as if it were our own so users can safely store and control their most important documents, government and personal, and data related to their careers, healthcare, military service, and family in our secure data Vault. VetCV uses Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and other technologies to match Veterans with the best job opportunities, Veterans to resources and the financial and health services that meet their needs. Founded in Pensacola, FL in 2016, VetCV helps Veterans across the US while on active duty and after transitioning from the military. From 18 to 98, VetCV is here for you.


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