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VetCV CEO and COO are Mentors for Hacking 4 Defense Course

Students Address Real-World National Security Challenges with Silicon Valley Vigor

Pensacola, FL: Niels Andersen (Founder and CEO) and Ryan Tilley (Advisory COO) of VetCV, mentored University of West Florida (UWF) students addressing current “Real-World” national security challenges. With a team of engineers, scientists, business students, and policy experts, the Hacking 4 Defense (H4D) course is one of a kind. H4D originated at Stanford University in 2016 and UWF is the first institution in the state of Florida and one of only 12 universities in the country to offer the course.

In peacetime, national security issues take years to analyze, plan, and implement the solutions to combat them. By thinking like a startup, students in the H4D course solve national security challenges that the military needs support solving. Students use lean launchpad principles to discover and validate customer needs, develop a prototype, and test their solutions all at Silicon Valley speed. The students had eight weeks to receive their problem, talk to customers, prototype, test, revise, and produce a finished product.

This course provides hands-on learning on what it’s like to address an actual pressing national security challenge facing the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DEO), Intelligence Community (IC), or other US Government Agencies.

“Hacking 4 Defense is a practical course that teaches students the importance of talking to their customers and delivering to their stakeholders. We are honored to play a role in a course that could potentially help our nation’s defense,” said Niels Andersen, Founder and CEO of VetCV.

“Courses that are designed to equip students with hands-on experience that also benefits the Agency(s) they are doing work for is a win-win situation. It’s very rewarding to watch students come up with solutions to America’s defense initiatives,” said Ryan Tilley, Advisory COO of VetCV.

“It’s truly amazing to see what these students accomplished in such a short amount of time,” said Dr. Dallas Snider, lead instructor for the course and associate professor in the Department of Information Technology at UWF.

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