What Do You Know About Valentines for Veterans?

We all love to celebrate our Veterans on special occasions like Memorial Day and, of course, Veteran’s Day. But, we can’t forget about Valentine’s Day because they are our loved ones too. They put their lives on the line for our freedom. Our freedom to love whomever we choose.

Little History Behind it…

Back in 1989, famous newspaper columnist, Ann Landers, encouraged everyone to make valentines cards for Veterans who were in care facilities across the United States and Canada. She helped launch Valentines for Vets which has now grown into a movement covering both countries. Every Valentine’s Day, thousands of people create cards and gifts for Veterans – not just those who are recovering from injuries but for any Veteran. Because they all deserve our love and admiration.

What you can do for Veterans?

So, today, on this year’s Valentine’s Day, why not join the Valentines for Vets cause and make a card for a Veteran you know and love. Or even better, make something for someone you don’t know. There’s nothing quite so special as receiving a heartfelt gift or card from a secret admirer. Today, you can be that person who spreads love and joy to a Veteran.

hands holding a gift

Even though someone seem toughs and able to handle any adversity, many Veterans are suffering physically and/or emotionally as a direct result from their service to our country. By reaching out to them, even in what might seem like a small way, you can have a major impact on their lives. You can make a difference for them, just like they made a difference for you when they put on that uniform.

Today is a special day about love. And, it’s not just about having strong feelings for your sweetheart. It’s about love for each other, love for yourself, and love for your country. Let’s make it about love for our Veterans too!

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