5 Reasons Why Veterans Need to Know About VetCV

1. It’s Free

VetCV.com was built by veterans for veterans. It’s a web application that gives you the tools to streamline your life, find your dream job, connect with fellow veterans and maybe even learn something new. 

2. Store Your Vital Documents

Here’s a scenario: you’re at the doctor. They need your medical records. Unfortunately, you don’t have them because everything is buried in a paper file somewhere or stuck in the Veteran Administration’s black hole of a lockbox. VetCV has solved this conundrum with a safe, secure, digital “vault” where you can upload and store your medical records, military documents and personal papers for you and your family. It’s a beautiful thing because you can access those records anywhere, anytime.


3. Connect with other Vets

The social side of VetCV is an elegant tool in which you can have public or private online chats with other vets. Find vets with similar interests or, perhaps, who are struggling and need some encouragement. The website even has a map so you can locate other VetCV users (this is, of course, optional) in your area.  

4. Find the Best Jobs

Here’s one of the most amazing features. VetCV uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find the job or career that best fits your skill set and interests. If you’re happy in your job, your employer will be happy too. Your family and friends will be happy. Yoo-hoo. Everybody’s happy. AI is the new frontier. It’s assisting doctors in making diagnoses, helping to identify people with a higher risk of suicide and matching you with the perfect partner. So, why not use AI to find your dream job? Exactly, why not?


5. Enhance Your Life

Do you like to fish, camp, hunt, bike and generally enjoy the outdoors? Want to learn yoga or take a cooking class? VetCV has an extensive Lifestyle section for you. All of the activities and courses are created by veterans and geared for veterans specifically. Vets have unique needs. Vets have a bond. That’s why VetCV has created the programs to enhance the lives of our veterans.

If you’re a vet, have a family member who is a vet, or know a vet – tell them about VetCV. It’s free and it will simply make their life better. Guaranteed!

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